Stroll through the city centre. Visit the Cathedral, Alcázar and Archivo de Indias. Through the alleys of the District of Santa Cruz, the old Jewish quarter, its typical narrow streets, its stately houses, filled courtyards of flowers, the murmur of its sources, the aroma of orange blossom… and all the charm and legends surrounding it. Time has made that narrow streets breathes an atmosphere that seems unscathed to the passage of time, curd beautiful corners and airs of legend.


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  • Cathedral
  • Avda. Constitution
  • Plaza Nueva
  • Plaza de San Francisco
  • Hernando Colon
  • Patio de los Naranjos
  • Plaza Virgen de los Reyes
  • Mateos Gago
  • Faviola
  • St. Maria la Blanca
  • Cano y Cueto
  • Jardines de Murillo
  • San Fernando
  • San Gregorio
  • Square of the Contracting
  • Miguel de Maraña
  • Triumph – Archivo de Indias Plaza